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Professional Management Services For The Hospitality & Licensed Retail Sectors

Inntensive Management Limited is a focused and experienced professional management company for the licensed retail sector with a speciality in managing and turning around under-performing or distressed sites. We can provide a wide geographic coverage as we work in association with colleagues based around the country who are able to react quickly to client needs.

Whether it’s a pub, restaurant, or other leisure facility, we can look after your needs in the way best suited to you; from temporary assignments, fully managed, tenanted or leased, or a combination of different models, we can assist.

Also, we can operate on an ‘on risk’ basis subject to site dynamics and terms of trade and are equally happy to quote on any aspect of providing any of our management services.

We operate an open book policy for clients ensuring maximum transparency of site and business performance including submission of detailed weekly reports and monthly management accounts and cash flow management all verifiable by complete audit trails.

Call us and see how we can add value together.

Our Main Services

Temporary Management


We can take on the temporary management of pubs, clubs, restaurants and pub/hotels often at very short notice, on behalf of pub owners, pub companies, investors/owners, LPA’s administrators and banks.

We will ensure that the business is managed in accordance with an approved business plan and to an agreed budget thereby maximising value added from the site.

We can provide this service as a fee based solution or, depending on the status of the site, as an ‘on risk’ venture (subject to conditions)

Tenanted Pubs


We also provide tenanted pub operations – operators, tenants and owners – with management, support services and supply solutions as may be required including sales building and site development solutions. We can also provide the back office support for the client including full operational and back office services

Managed Outlets


If a managed outlet is in transition or in need of a temporary professional hold pre new team appointment or site development we can assist.

We can work with existing team structures or introduce interim solutions; provide input into development reviews and concept/brand initiation and delivery including design, compliance and project delivery including turnkey solutions.

Whatever the immediate or short term need, we can assist in delivering the solution and value added.